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Cabo San Lucas is considered by many visitors to be the epicenter of the Los Cabos resort scene. To some visitors, the city is the hub of nightlife with an inviting blend of loud bars and hip nightclubs. Others rave about the city's hotels, resorts, vacation rentals and all inclusive vacations. The diverse gourmet dining, abundant shopping, and familiar vacation-style diversions are also a big draw. The busy downtown marina invites visitors for boat excursions and to the sport fishing dock to see the day's catch.

Since Cabo San Lucas only began to develop as a city in the 1970's, you won't find any historic buildings or colonial architecture; what you will find is a wide assortment of shops & boutiques within four or five blocks of the marina. Just south of the marina, visit the outdoor bazaar for handicrafts and unique items from local artisans.

Stretching along 18 miles of seacoast that links the towns of San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas, the Cabo Corridor is a scenic succession of pristine beaches, sheltered coves, and promontories. Highway 1 cruises through the area, with numerous dirt road turnoffs that head to nearby beaches, noted with blue & white signs.

This very tranquil, tropical, and traditional village dates back to 1730 when Jesuits came to indoctrinate the areas Pericu Indians. It later became a provisions stop for Spanish galleons passing between Acapulco and the Philippines. Throughout the 18th and early 19th centuries, pirates and fishermen took refuge in San Jose, and a prosperous mission settlement grew.

The city sits about a mile back from the sea, and is separated from the beachfront by a series of low hills, and a nine-hole golf course. A few steps in from the sea are the city's main natural feature a large freshwater estuary. The "estero" gives the city a semi-tropical, almost oasis look. Mango, avocado, and orange trees flourish in and around the city in contrast of the region's stark desert.

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