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Ixtapa Zihuatanejo Carved from the same hilly tropical coastline marked by scalloped coves, these Pacific Coast neighbors offer two unique versions of paradise.

Ixtapa is considered one of Mexico's most modern resorts, Ixtapa offers sophisticated pleasures and world-class accommodations. Though the nightlife, shopping and restaurant scenes are more subdued here than in other destinations, there's still plenty of diversity. Golf, tennis, water sports and boutique shopping are just some of the options.

It's also worthy to note that half of Ixtapa has been set aside as an ecological reserve, dedicated by the government when the resort was developed.

Those looking for a more authentic cultural experience can head seven kilometers south to Zihuatanejo, a classic pueblo village criss-crossed by cobblestone streets.
A pleasant contrast to the refinement of Ixtapa, rustic Zihuatanejo is set around one of Mexico's most picturesque bays. Activities center around the lively seaside promenade, laid-back cafes and wonderful markets.

Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo stretches along Playa Palmar and is just 230 kilometers up the coast from Acapulco.

Ixtapa, is the most modern resort on Mexico's west coast. Hotel offerings include a fine collection of deluxe properties. While not bustling with things to see and do, Ixtapa keeps active guests on the go with its world-class golf, excellent tennis facilities, some of Mexico's best Pacific Coast diving, fishing and ocean swimming. The restaurant, shopping and nightlife scene are a bit subdued compared to other Pacific resorts, yet there is still enough diversity to make for enjoyable outings.

Marina Ixtapa is a new 440-acre mega-project just up the beach from the Ixtapa hotel zone. It is comprised of nautical facilities with 622 yacht slips, private villas, restaurants, shops, a beach club (Club Playa) and tennis center. An 18-hole golf course, designed by Robert Von Haggue is crisscrossed by recreational canals.
Nearby Zihuatanejo, is a pleasant contrast to the glitz of Ixtapa, Zihuatanejo has comfortable, family- run inns, modestly priced hotels and bungalows, and three very special deluxe properties. With its seaside cafes, intriguing native markets, a pleasant malecón (seaside promenade), and centuries of tradition, the city is one of Mexico's most fun to explore.

The Weather:
With a year-round semi-tropical climate and average temperatures ranging from 23 to 33 degrees Celsius (73-93 degrees Fahrenheit), Zihuatanejo enjoys approximately 300 days of sun annually.

The rainy season generally starts in late May or June and carries on through the end of September or into October. The rains usually fall in the late afternoons or evenings and infuse the region with an intense greenness. Historically, June and September are the rainiest months of the year. Storms off the Pacific can bring tremendous electrical activity and deluges of heavy, warm rain during the height of the rains.

Light and casual clothing is recommended year-round - but remember to also bring a sweater or light jacket for evenings as the sea breeze at night can sometimes become unexpectedly chilly, particularly from late December through March.

Even when the sky is overcast, the sun can be dangerously strong and visitors of all complexions should take care to use sun screen and protective clothing when spending long periods in the direct sunlight. If you're planning to go out fishing or boating, make sure you take a hat, sunscreen and some kind of cover-up for exposed skin, as the reflection off the water intensifies the effects of the sun.

The water itself can be definitely balmy. The sea is generally at its coolest in March and April. Average annual water temperature: 79F (26C). Winter average: 70F-73F (21-23C), Summer average: 80F-82F (27C-28C).

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