Arriving Saturday, August 25, 2018
Checking Out Saturday, September 01, 2018
Staying for 7 Nights
2 Adults

Live Aqua Cancun - All Inclusive

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Hotel Description & Amenities


Live Aqua Beach Resort Cancún All Inclusive Adults Only is a unique and innovative hotel experience. This "Be Yourself" hotel offers relaxed luxury exclusively designed for modern adults with a limitless lifestyle. At this all-inclusive luxury hotel, your imagination is set free and your senses come to life: sensuality, entertainment and leisure, relaxation, introspection, intimacy, passion, indulgence, style, spontaneity... Live Aqua Beach Resort Cancún All Inclusive Adults Only is all this and more. Experience places and moments are aligned with your desires and moods.

Live Aqua Beach Resort Cancun - All Inclusive Adults Only - your stay can be exactly what you desire.

Live Aqua is a new brand of high-end hotels in the "Luxury Lifestyle" market. The properties break out of the traditional hotel concept and focus instead on the specific needs of the lifestyle segment. Guests enjoy a stunning beachfront with private cabanas, eight pools, spa, outdoor massage huts, health club, three gourmet restaurants, a high-tech business center, and meeting facilities for up to 1000 guests.

Become one with the sea. Feel the turquoise-blue waters of the Caribbean and rest your feet in the soft sand. You're at Live Aqua Cancún. Choose one of the private cabanas while you enjoy a drink from the Pool Club. Relax. Have fun. Be yourself. You choose. The sun and the ocean are here just for you.

Or delight your body in one of the seven varying-temperature pools, letting yourself be fully immersed in the setting while our ambient music provides a soothing background. Sit back and relax on one of our lounges and let yourself be lost in the blue of the Caribbean Sea. In the pool and beach area there's always someone at hand to attend to your wants and needs. Just ask for whatever your heart desires. The Pool concierge will be attentive to your requests.

Exercise in the Lap pool. Select the massaging jets from one of the Jacuzzis, while the Pool Concierge brings your order on lounge trays, guaranteeing your comfort and relaxation. Relax and dream in the infinity pool, the water and sunshine will lavish you with pleasant feelings and sensations. If you feel like thumbing through a magazine or reading a book, just ask, you're free to wish for anything you like.

Breathe deeply and let the warm, ocean breeze revive your spirit. At Live Aqua Cancún you have everything you need to truly be yourself, let it take you away!

Discover the limitless pleasures, a paradise in the Caribbean, where the turquoise sea meets the playful spaces of Live Aqua Beach Resort Cancún. You can be yourself here: your stay can fulfill your every wish.

Get swept away by fun and excitement or take time for relaxation and reflection. It's in your hands to decide what you want to experience and when. Live Aqua Beach Resort Cancún is an all-inclusive luxury experience, a Be Yourself Hotel, designed exclusively for modern adults seeking a place to be themselves.

Each space is designed to delight the senses. Select the essence of your choice from the aromatherapy menu and immerse yourself in the relaxing atmosphere of your room. It's a peaceful sanctuary. Let the delights offered by our chefs, based on three avant-garde concepts awaken your senses.

Our bars will seduce you with their atmosphere and music, as well as their international and regional drink specialties. Moments of celebration, passion, leisure or relaxation; your moods will resonate within Live Aqua Beach Resort Cancún's spaces.

Seek inner peace. Discover it, experience it. Let your senses renew your soul. It's the Spa Aqua experience: a world of sensations, where fantasy and the sublime welcome you.

Live Aqua Beach Resort Cancún is an inherently sensual experience, a Be Yourself Hotel, where you'll find relaxation, passion, joy, aromatherapy... there's something to awaken all of your senses both day and night. You'll be accompanied by music throughout the day. It's the music of Live Aqua Beach Resort Cancún, a gift for you from our DJ.

The Live Aqua Beach Resort Cancun experience is endless, relaxed luxury; a place without pretension, where you'll find everything just as you like it; a place to be yourself. It's the pleasure of staying and being seen at Live Aqua Beach Resort Cancún.

The Live Aqua Beach Resort Cancún experience is infinite and all inclusive. You can be yourself here. Live Aqua Beach Resort Cancún is a Be Yourself hotel that provides you with everything so you can be free to experience all your desires and feelings to the fullest. Do you wish this sensory experience could last forever, imprinted in your senses and memories? Take the Live Aqua Beach Resort Cancún experience home with you, there's countless ways to do it. The freedom and abundance of your senses can continue. You choose. Desire. Take this feeling with you until you're ready for it to end.

Select a kit of hand crafted soaps and essences from our aromatherapy menu. Take it with you. Be free to recreate these sensations throughout your home. Enjoy it alone or with whomever you wish. Don't forget: your desires create your experience.

By using tips from the Feel Harmony Spa you can continue to rejuvenate yourself at home. They are simple and easy to do. Release your energy and discover your own hidden potential. Immerse yourself and feel rejuvenated. Bring the magic, balance and beauty of Spa Aqua back to your own home.

Feel Harmony Spa brings you renewal. Share a bit of magic and soul with a couples massage. Unforgettable. Watch, we'll guide you and help you learn the basics so you can repeat the experience at home, in the privacy of your own sanctuary. Pamper your partner, give a Live Aqua Beach Resort Cancún experience that doesn't end. And you can come back, whenever you want to dream amidst a setting of unforgettable and limitless sensations that let you find your true self.

Cancun and its surrounding areas offer an innumerable number of recreational activities for fun and entertainment, as well as sports activities including trips for snorkeling, diving, fishing, jet skiing, swimming with dolphins, parasailing, and more.

Situated on the Kukulkan Avenue, opposite the famous La Isla Shopping Mall, the hotel is 10 minutes away from the convention center and 20 minutes drive from the international airport.

The Aqua Cancun's 371 stylish rooms feature plush bedding with Egyptian cotton sheets, flat-screen TVs, iHomes and DVD players, aromatherapy kits, high-speed Internet access, marble bathrooms with Molton Brown amenities with separate showers and tubs, and private balconies with beautiful views.

Exterior Avant-Garde Architecture bringing playful spaces to life, touching your senses everywhere you go.

3 Restaurants featuring Celebrity Chefs such as Michelle Bersntein, Franco Maddalozzo and Martha Ortiz, bringing the highest and most sophisticated touches in culinary taste to Aqua.

Magnificent unobstructed view of the Ocean, lounges to sit while check-in is brought to you while you taste a cold mayan tea, smell the aromatherapy and enjoy a cold facial scented towel.